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The Dangers of Self-Driving Cars

The number of self-driven cars has increased rapidly due to the advancement in technology. With every new day comes new ideologies in the field. Cars that drive themselves are true and not scientifically is hidden Self-driving cars are gaining popularity all over the world and hence the number of users increases. It may take long enough for self-driving cars to fully take over the normal cars industry. Despite the good reasons why self-driving cars exist, the dangers associated with it are still at large. In the context below, there are so many dangers that come with self-driving.

Because the car uses computer software to run, the software and security controls can be bypassed by man. The reason is that the computer programs are made by man hence the same man can control it anytime. The cars are also prone to be attacked by computer viruses. Most hackers use the internet to bypass security codes of the self-drive cars. A self-driving car, therefore, needs proper security.

Most self-driving cars are very expensive. Because the technologies are always developing, the self-driving cars will still be made lovable and safe. It takes a relatively long time to build a self-driving car than a traditional one. Many scientists and technicians require a lot of research equipment and resources to run more tests on the advancement of self-driven cars thus check it out thoroughly.

When you use a self-driven car now,you are more likely to experience an accident. Any hacker would control the vehicle. You might be involved in an accident caused by the self-driving vehicle. The small number of self-driven cars makes it impossible for a declaration that self-driving vehicles are then causing for accidents. The driver may get overexcited over the comfortability of the car. Excessive and continuous exposure to more radiations can cause health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes because of the prolonged exposure to radiation.

The system of the car may fail to work properly and efficiently hence affecting the car operations. Harsh weather conditions could also affect the performance of the car since the car is fully automated to operate about on its own. Technically, a terrorist could gain control of an autonomous vehicle and use it as a weapon creating mass destruction of lives and damage to property. These systems are good, but they’re not perfect but still loved by many car lovers. From the article above, it is noble to note that self-driving car has a lot of dangers that come with it, therefore, everyone must stay alert all the time.